USA Number Plates

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South Dakota

GEL 201

1984 Sth.Dakota Pass.plate from MINNEHAHA County Bolt marks. Cond VG 300x150mm


South Dakota

GEL 105

1981 Sth.Dakota Pass Plate MINNEHAHA County Bolt marks Cond VG 305x150mm


South Dakota

GEW 979

1985 Sth.Dakota Pass.plate Bolt marks. CondVG. 300x150mm



GHW 9650

2007 Pass plate Cond EX Small bolt marks



GJJ 359

1989 Kansas plate Unissued Cond. Mint 300x150mm



GKS 759

2010 Minnesota Pass.plate No marks Cond.Mint 300x150mm


South Dakota

GOG 014

1981 Sth.Dakota Pass Plates (PAIR) BROOKINGS County Bolt marks scratch lines on both plates Cond F 305x150mm


South Dakota

GOG 237

1984 Sth.Dakota Pass Plate BROOKINGS County Bolt marks Cond E 305x150mm



GP7 103

1984 Missouri Pass plate Bolt marks scuffs. Cond G 305x150mm



GRO 155

# 1976 Georgia Pass Plate COBB County Bolt marks scuffs Cond G 305x150mm


Rhode Island

GV- 772

1979 Rhode IS. Pass.plate Large sticker pile. bolt marks Cond. VG 300x150mm


British Columbia

GWV 170

2001 British Columbia Pass plate Bolt marks Cond E Expired 20/8/01 305x150mm



H 1151

2009 Wyoming Pass plate Flat type Bolt marks bend. Cond G 305x150mm



H 507179

1997 Truck plate Cond Mint No marks



HAL 936

1997 Newfoundland & Labrador Pass plate Bolt marks Cond VG 305x150mm



HI 000

Hawaii Blank plate. Put your name or anything you like,added to this plate.Email details to be included. Price includes all text added.



HK 2195

# 1980 Georiga Pass Plate Bolt marks scratches Cond F 305x150mm



HKO 766

2010 Pass plate Cond EX Bolt marks


New Mexico

HNH 260

1992 New Mexico Pass.plate Bolt marks Cond.VG. 300x150mm



HPP 756

2002 Minnesota Pass. plate No marks Cond Mint 300x150mm